Legal Services

VIAA provides legal services to Central American refugee mothers who have fled violence in the countries and been detained by the US Government upon arriving at our border. We help them apply for asylum, or other forms of immigration status, obtain work authorization, and stabilize their lives in the United States

Welcome & Community

VIAA also helps our program participants adapt to life in their new country. We paid each participant with a trained volunteer who helps them obtain the services they need, including housing, healthcare, enrolling their children in school and themselves in English language classes. These volunteers act as a guide and friend in the first months of adapting to live in the United States. Through monthly potlucks and cultural outings, VIAA also creates a community among participants and volunteers themselves, further contributing to a sense of welcoming.

Leadership Training

Within the next year, VIAA will start providing leadership training to interested program participants. This training will allow current and past VIAA clients to participate in our Leadership Council and sit on VIAA’s Board of Directors. The training is also geared to helping VIAA program participants and volunteers to find their voice and use it in advocacy efforts to ensure that they have the opportunities to tell their stories and use them to shape immigration policy.

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